What Is Biocentrism Debunked Theory?

Biocentrism Debunked

The Biocentrism theory was introduced by Robert Lanza in 2007. in this study, he explains that the universe controls consciousness. The critical parts of the universe are Life and consciousness. Each and everyone is a byproduct of it or has secondary importance. Moreover, this theory explains that the human brains have created the universe in our minds, and it does not exist or is not a physical thing.

The theory concept allows biology to be the basic science of the universe, other than physics. It has been proven to be Biocentrism Debunked because of its vague hypothesis. This theory starts debate and controversy between scientists and philosophers. This hypothesis has fundamentally changed our knowledge of the cosmos and upended our preconceived notions.

What Is Biocentrism?

Biocentrism theory allows that consciousness is helping the universe in every aspect, and everything is a byproduct of it. When we want to know the meaning of Biocentrism, we can explain that Bio means Life and center explains the essence or an important part, so in the sense of biocentrism bio, Life is the center of the universe.

Robert Lanza is the man who discusses this term for the first time in his journal Biocentrism. he explains how consciousness and Life are essential to knowing the actual nature of the universe. This article challenges the previously philosophical and scientific concepts.

As far as this theory is concerned, Life and unconsciousness are the world’s core, while matter is a secondary part. Different arguments were given to support and prove the truth of this bio-centered theory. However, many were against this theory, criticized it, and gave counterarguments.

Being Aware At The Core

Biocentrism provides a definition and explanation of consciousness that materialistic explanations have been unable to deliver. This theory ignores the principles of physics and centers its framework around self-awareness. 

Both scientists and philosophers seek answers to two fundamental questions: how the cosmos is shaped and its reality.

How Does Lanza Rebut The Definition Of Biocentrism?

According to the discussion of Lanza, scientists are unable to complete the existence and reason of humans in their theories. Furthermore, he asserts that scientists have yet to discover the truth behind his consciousness. Because of proof of his theory, he experimented with subatomic particles.

His experiment proves that if someone observes the subatomic particles or light cross through a barrier, it will make or generate solid-looking hits against that; if the particles are not followed, the behavior of waves gives the particles of subatomic to cross through both holes simultaneously.

It was, therefore, determined that whether or not the particles are being watched, their behavior will alter. Lanza also provided a kitchen example. In his example, photons, or light particles, and how our brains work allow us to view our kitchen and the items within. 

We can picture what a kitchen looks like in our heads and think it is always there, in its proper location, whether or not we are actually in one. But the kitchen needs all three elements: color, light, and aesthetic appeal. The observer effect is the name given to this idea.

How Does The Observer Effect Disprove The Myth Of Biocentrism?

The observer effect affects humans, animals, and atoms in the same way that it distorts our reality and obscures some events that are only visible via investigation.

The moon orbits whether or not it is being observed, demonstrating the universality of the concept of observation. But atoms, animals, and people behave differently when being watched. When following someone or something, one wonders if the behavior is inherent to the subject or if the observer influences it.

Cat experiments by Erwin Schrödinger clarified the observer’s influence. This experiment includes putting an automobile in a box containing a radioactive atom that has the potential to kill it in an hour. The cat exists in the supervision (two half-true states; it is alive or dead) until someone opens the box. It is unclear whether the cat is alive or dead until anyone confirms it.

The spectators think the cat is dead when they see it lying motionless when the box opens. But if it moves, the onlooker believes the cat to be alive. Hence, one can’t help but worry if the claim of Biocentrism debunked is true or false.

The Dispute Of Biocentrism Criticism Absence Of Empirical Data

Any empirical (real-world) evidence does not support this theory. Detractors explain that the theory rejects initial understandings of consciousness, yet it allows no concrete proof or verifiable hypotheses to back it up.

Another reason Biocentrism is a disproved notion is that it cannot be falsified. This implies that if you aren’t allowed to look into something and determine whether it happened in the first place, you can’t establish it doesn’t exist.

Modern Physics Contradiction

Another critique of Biocentrism is that its underlying theories defy accepted physics and lack fundamental support. This is a theoretical hypothesis that might not work in real Life. Therefore, Biocentrism believes the cosmos is a mental creation, although no contemporary invention supports this idea.

There are several methods to demonstrate that the cosmos is a measurable, physical object, as stated by modern physics. Physicist Sean Caroll claimed this idea is unreliable since it needs a scientific foundation. Theoretical physicist David Lindley called biocentricism discredited as a “vague and inarticulate metaphor” in an essay published in The American Scholar.


Hence, we come to the point that it is still being determined whether the debunked Biocentrism still exists. So, it is a distinct way of the universe, focusing on the parts of consciousness and perception. However, the lack of practical proof and ambivalence with established notions of science give it a controversial philosophy.

We agree that it proposes the latest viewpoint. It is essential to reach Biocentrism critically, knowing its distinctions and some limitations. Including all advancement and theories, the purist of knowledge and understanding regularly unless there is enough proof to support it. This philosophy may be just one piece of the big puzzle of existence; we hope you know all the aspects of this theory.

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