Common Misconceptions and Facts About Premier Tyres

Premier Tyres

Buying premier tyres is a rapidly growing trend, especially among luxurious cars and thrilling ride enthusiasts in the UAE. The reason is that branded tyres are more reliable, durable, and aesthetically appealing than local ones and ensure excellent traction on dry and wet roads without compromising rider safety.

However, selecting a credible Dubai tyres shop, understanding your vehicle needs, and collecting crucial information about trending premier tyres are paramount to making an informed decision.  Amidst the bundle of information available online, several misconceptions about branded tyres need clarification before making a final decision.

Here are the bustling myths linked to premier tyres and the facts.

Branded Tyres Are the Same as local Tyres 

Most people believe all tyres are the same, they work in the same manner, and brand or quality does not matter. It’s simply a misconception or myth because branded tyres are different from local ones in various aspects. 

Fact: Premier tyres are manufactured with top-notch material, have cutting-edge technology, and are specifically designed to tackle extreme weather and various road conditions in the UAE. Their excellent traction, superior performance, and advanced safety features give them an edge over local tyres.

Branded Tyres are Expensive and Not Worth Investing in

The second most commonly believed misconception about premier tyres is that they are costly and not worth investing in when they have various alternatives in the form of local tyres.

Fact: Premier tyres are more expensive than local tyres, but they eliminate various costs like frequent repair, early replacement, and fixation or alignment issues which make them a more reliable, cost-effective, and worthwhile solution. 

Moreover, reliable vendors offer special discounts on premier tyres, such as seasonal sales and bulk purchase discounts. Therefore, you can get premier tyres without breaking the bank.  

Premier Tyres are Compatible With Luxurious Cars Only 

The 3rd bustling myth linked to premier tyres is that they are designed explicitly for luxurious or high-performance vehicles and unsuitable for casual cars or vehicles. 

Fact: The fact is that premier tyres manufacturers offer an extensive range of branded tyres catered to the unique requirements of various types of vehicles, from mini cars to SUVs and vans to luxurious sports cars.    

They Consume More Fuel 

Premier tyres increased fuel consumption is also a bustling myth that must be clarified before purchasing. 

Fact: Branded tyres have wide treads and low rolling resistance, enabling them to run smoothly and requiring very little energy for traction on all types of roads. Therefore, premier tyres boost fuel efficiency and help riders to reduce fuel costs.

Key Takeaway

Investing in branded wheels, including Michelin, Bridgestone, and Pirelli tyres in UAE is a strategic solution to overcome poor vehicle performance, road accidents, and various other challenges while driving on bustling city streets of Dubai or tackling the mysterious desserts of Abu-Dhabi. However, looking for common myths and facts surrounding premier or branded tyres is essential for making an informed decision.  

Debunking these myths and embracing facts can help you invest in top-notch tyres more confidently and enhance your vehicle’s functionality and aesthetics.

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