The Mysterious Disappearance and Discovery of Emma Caplan: A Tale of Concern, Search, and Unanswered Questions

emma caplan missing miami airport


Did you hear the latest missing news of a young girl who is 23 years old? Yes, it’s true. Emma Caplan is a  girl who was last seen on 29 June 2022 at Miami airport. The immediate disappearance of Emma Caplan has been an extreme shock to her family, friends & community. However, do you want more details about Emma Caplan’s missing news? 

Who is she, when she missed, where is she located, and what is the mystery behind the disappearance? All these questions and queries are answered here, so be with us. This is the mysterious journey and story of Emma Caplan, who is missing at Miami airport.

Who Is Emma Caplan? 

She is a young, pretty girl who is 23 years old and was born in south San Francisco, California, USA. However, she lives in Philadelphia, USA, and was missed from Miami International Airport at 6:30 pm on 29 June 2022. 

What is the mysterious story behind the disappearance of Emma Caplan? 

Emma Caplan is a 23-year-old girl last seen at Miami International Airport. She has been missing since 29 June 2022 at 6:30 pm. This missing news has been a storm for her family, friends, and society where she is. Was she kidnapped, or what happened to her? After some time of disappearance, Emma Caplan’s sister posted on her Facebook page that she was found safe & healthy; however, she was located at Miami Beach Senior High School / Collon Park between the night of Thursday and Friday.

However, her sister has posted a missing news of Emma Caplan, which tells about the disappearance of Emma and said: 

“Hello, Everyone. I am Maddie Emma’s sister. Emma has been missing since 29 June at Miami airport. Please call or text me at 610-574-9347 if you need any details about my sister, or you can share this post as much as you can.”

Moreover, this notice also mentions Emma’s details, like her age, which is 23 years, her weight, and her height, which is 5’3.  

Emma’ Sister Also Shared the Person Poster For Caplan

Emma’s sister also shared a missing poster of Emma on her Facebook page. Moreover, Emma’s Facebook page says she lives in Philadelphia and is from South San Francisco, California. 

However, the poster included two detectives named Mike Rich & Mick Carsello, including their numbers, saying that if anybody has any related information, text or call these numbers, the poster clear that he had been missed from the airport.

Not only this, but that poster also describes Emma’s physical appearance. She is 23 years old, 5 foot & 3 inches tall, and 120 pounds, including her beautiful hazel eyes and dark brown and black hair. This information has been collected from the poster.   

Discovery Location & Updated Status Of Emma Caplan  

Authority and police have been searching for her after she was missing from Miami International Airport. After approximately seven days, she was found at the Miami Oceanside High School and Park. Her family appreciates everyone’s effort and support during this difficult time.  

Development In The Case  

The disappearance of Emma Caplan missing Miami airport confirmed that she was missed from the international airport and was found at the Miami Beach High School after one week. 

However, after investigation, the reason for Emma’s disappearance has been kept secret until now. We don’t have any further details about it, which is also a significant curiosity. 


However, she is a pretty young girl who disappeared from the airport in Miami on 29 June between the night of Thursday & Friday, and after searching for one week, she was found at the Miami Beach High School park. However, the secret behind this has yet to be disclosed; thus, ensuring your security and safety first is essential.

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