Everything You Must Know About Kandiyohi County Jail Roster

Kandiyohi County Jail Roster

Kandiyohi County Jail

The jail, known as Kandiyohi County, is essential to criminal justice. We need help cooperating with different agencies, highlighting mutual understanding and respect, and appreciating community involvement. We are proud of our profession and a way of pride to our country.

Kandiyohi County is big and full of security with facilities for adults situated at 2201 Suite 101 Wilmar MN 56201 23rd Street Northeast. This is about the 159-capacity jail that has been working since 1986. Kandiyohi County keeps detainees from all over the county under the supervision of the Minnesota Department of Corrections. The following article will cover all about the Kandiyohi County Jail Roster. So, let’s go!

Visiting Facilities Of Kandiyohi County Jail

The Detainees at Kandiyohi County can be entertained by video during a scheduled time. Kandiyohi County prisoners are allowed four visits in one week and to visit a maximum of 3 guests at once. You can contact Kandiyohi County directly at their official numbers for future assistance.

The Detention of Kandiyohi County is allowed to make calls with family and friends. Contact your friends in the Kandiyohi County detention center at a specific time. You need to register with ConnectNetwork and choose different types of accounts.

Information About Kandiyohi County Jail

  • Name of Facility Kandiyohi County Jail
  • Name of Type Jail County
  • Address 2201 23rd Street Northeast Suit 101. Wilmar, MN, 56201
  • Telephone Carrier Reliance
  • Total Capacity 159
  • Type of Facility Adults
  • Name of City Wilmar
  • Postal Code 56201
  • State Minnesota
  • Country Kandiyohi County

Mission Statement Of Kandiyohi County Jail

The Office of Kandiyohi County Sheriff will be responsible to all residents in helping and serving the public. First, the mission public must struggle for excellence.

The Kandiyohi County Jail offers the secure, safe, and human detention of prisons in Kandiyohi County. To serve this responsibility, the Kandiyohi County Jail shall maintain the standards established by the Minnesota Department of Correction, Minnesota State, and the United States.

Visiting Rules Of Jail

  • At the jail supervisors’ Discretion, all visitors and prisoners must dress appropriately during the visiting time. 
  • Children must be under supervision.
  • In the visitation camera, only registered visitors are allowed.
  • Valid and current ID will be allowed
  • Children must be with their parents and guardians
  • Any violation from prisoners will be asked to leave and must be disallowed to visit next time. 
  • Must be signed on PO to any person on probation 
  • Every time, children must be under supervision
  • In Seeing Boots, only registered people will be allowed

Essential Rules Of Kandiyohi County Jail

To find any prisoner, you can search by visiting the Kandiyohi County Inmate Roster website, calling the jail number, or doing a private search at the facility.

The online roster gives information like the booking number of inmates, first name, last name, birth date, release date, and criminal data.

All the information about prisoners is general public, but some vital information about inmates may be hidden due to laws.

Calling Procedure

The prisoners are not allowed to receive incoming calls, even calls from their family members; they only use these facilities during approval.

All calls to the Kandiyahi County jail will be charged, and prisoners must buy calling cards.

Is it right that the Kandiyohi County Jail calls are recorded? Yes, due to security reasons, all calls are recorded as well, except for some calls made for legal counsel

the friends of the inmate can also mail by addressing them at the mailing address; all mail will be monitored. But remember, nobody is allowed to send mail containing inappropriate content or cash.

Sending Mail and Cash

if you want to send any packages to inmates, it will depend on the Jail policy. Calling Jail or checking the website for the latest rules makes sending money to prisoners possible. Using the lobby kiosk, you can send it online, like jailATM, mail money, or directly deposit funds.

There are also specific time limits on the amount to sending or depositing cash in prisoners’ accounts

sending money to. Inmates, there are also some charges depending on the way to send money

The Care Packages

The care package depends on jail laws and rules. for future information, you need to visit the official website of the Jail or directly call them for reliable and authentic information

the third-party vendor is also allowed to order packages online, but it depends on jail approvals; you need to know these facility rules for specifics

Visit To Inmate Policy

If anyone wants to meet the inmate, he must call jail authorities to schedule a visit in advance

Visitor hours are not fixed; they vary and are subject to change. Check the official website or contact the authorities for more accurate and authentic information. during the visit, only a valid photo ID is allowed

Jail Booking

if you want to book a prisoner into the county jail, you need the name of prisoner’s full and legal name, birth date, and other related identifying information; it will be helpful to know the charge’s nature

the prisoners were fingerprinted, photographed, and searched for not-allowed things that are needed to book the person

You can check the Jail’s online inmate roster, call the Jail, or visit in person to find out if anybody has been booked.

Posted Bail And Bond

Sometimes, a bail bond agent can send bail to the Jail in person or through the court.

Cash, money orders, and checks are accepted for bail; some jails are also approved for credit cards. Bail money is also refunded when the person faces all the requirements of court dates, but fees may be deducted.

Release Of Inmate 

What is the method to know if an inmate has been released?

You can see the inmate’s latest information by checking the Jail online roaster. The roast is updated regularly, or you can call the jail at the time of the prisoner’s release so that all personal belongings and any funds from his account are returned.

The reasons for inmate release may be different types, such as completing his sentence, getting bail, having charges dropped, or being placed on parole or probation.

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