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la curiosidad lyrics ivan cornejo

La Curiosidad by Ivan Cornejo was a part of the album  Danado, which was released in 2022 and soon became a worldwide sensation. The outstanding lyrics,  catchy melodies, lively voices, and the twist of guitaric rhymes made this song something out of class. This song hit records and became one of the most listened-to songs on the internet. This song was released in Spanish, but its fans belong to different regions. Thus, the curiosity of fans about the lyrics of the song and the singer behind it is genuine. They want to know what is the real theme behind this melody and rhythm. So today, here in this article, we will take you on a tour related to La Curiosidad Lyrics Ivan Cornejo and the talented and skilled singer behind the song Ivan Cornejo. So get ready for this amazing read.

In the next section, we are going to discuss the exciting theme and genre of the song that will definitely keep you exciting. So, let’s have a look!

Theme of  La Curiosidad -Spontaneous Attraction

Likely as the title of the song describes La Curiosidad or curiosity. Thus, the lyrics are based on the situation that happened between two strangers. This was similar to an unintentional physical attraction toward each other. This song’s lyrics show a desire to live in a particular moment without thinking so much. Moreover, the lyrics show how curiosity and impulsiveness work and create unforgettable moments. 

The Real Fusion Behind La Curiosidad 

The song La Curiosidad means Curiosity in English and was written by Cesar Zazueta and Ivan Cornejo. It is part of Ivan’s latest album, Danado. La Curiosidad is a blend of regional Mexican and Latin pop, and this fusion is the real beauty of this music. The Latin’s rhythmic instrumental beats,  when incorporated with regional Mexican  Mariachi, Norteño, and Banda, captivate the world with their distinctiveness.

Moreover, the dance and energetic performance done by the singer  Ivan Cornejo put the real fire in this masterpiece. Here, we share the lyrics of this masterpiece as we know your deep connection with this melody.

You may want to explore the lyrics of the songs that got ranked. So, here in the section- we are going to discuss it.

La Curiosidad  Lyrics

I grab you by the waist

We dance as if there is no tomorrow

What a fool, to fall in love. If I don’t even know you

Your look said it all

The dance wasn’t enough

Nervous because I did like you

The music was too loud; I couldn’t hear you

Let’s go outside, we have to hit it

We don’t know. each other, but all that it doesn’t matter

I saw. you from the afar; you didn’t get compare to the others

We have to make memories because life is concise

Curiosity kills us

Let’s go to the hotel, we got the urge

I sang to you “Esta Damada,” and you wanted more

We took out the bottles; and I started connecting

I think you’re also liking my vibe

We couldn’t stand it because we were so excited.

We had to go to the back seat.

The car was moving, and no one was driving.

The windows were cloudy everywhere.

You like me, that’s noticeable.

I looked at my effect; it makes you crazy

With you, I do feel like it

Let’s go to the hotel; we felt like it.

I sang to you “Esta Damada,” and you wanted more.

We took out the bottles it started to connect

I felt like you, Jhayco, and you were Mia.

And we did it without stopping.

We did it without stopping

You liked it; it shows

You liked it, it shows

Ivan Cornejo’s Musical Journey

Ivan is only 19, but he put many talented singers behind him. His naturally melodious voice, god given guitar skill, and self confidence bring him into the limelight at such an early age. He was born in California in 2004. From his childhood hood, he has a keen interest in watching guitar playing tutorial videos on YouTube. Moreover, he was very much inspired by Chicano Ritchie Valens. Thus, initially, he trained himself as a musician and composer, but he didn’t know a real singer was hidden inside him.

Ivan was inspired by Mexican regional music; thus, he chose Spanish as his central platform rather than English. In 2021, when he released his first Spanish album, Alma Vacía, he did not know that it would rock at its peak. This album got the US Billboard Regional Music number 2 position, an absolute honor for a new comment. Thus, Ivan never looked back after the huge album sales and top position on the Musical charts.

He struggled harder to provide some refreshing and new music for fans. His second album, Danado, will be released in 2022 and gain rapid outcome and mega fame. Recently, in 2023, he released a single anime, Aquí Te Espero, which again ranked in Billboard Top 100. Moreover, some of the songs of these two albums break the previous records. Thus, for an emerging talent, it is a considerable achievement. In addition, the critics predicted his long and bright musical future.

Achievement And Awards By Ivan And His Albums  Alma Vacía and Dañado

During a short period, Ivan and his album got worldwide fame and were wholeheartedly welcomed. In addition, he and his albums received many achievements and awards from the world’s most reputable and authentic musical platform. Besides these wins, he earned many nominations for top musical awards worldwide, a massive success for anyone in this limited time. Thus, here we are sharing some of your interests. 

Ivan Solo Achievements 

Ivan Won the New Artist Of The Year award in 2022

Best Solo Guitar Performer 2022

Honors For  Alma Vacía

Peaked at Number 2 in US Billboard Regional

Got seventh rank on Top Latin Albums

Got 156 position on the Billboard 200

Remains on Top Ten charts for 35 weeks 

Mentioned as best album in NewYork Times

Honors For  Dañado

Peaked place at Regional Mexican Album 

12 Million on-demand streams 

Got the Number 4 position on the Top Latin Album Chart

It got so popular and is ranked at the 28th number in the standings of billboard chart 200.

Nominated in New Regional Mexican Artist

Single Of Ivan  Está Dañada” went viral and got a Hot 100 rating. 

Wrap Up 

Thus, after having the above guide, you are now most aware of singer and composer young Ivan’s new sensational, viral song, La Curiosidad. Therefore, after understanding the natural theme and story behind the song, you may now enjoy this song more than before.

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