Lost Ark Thaemine Saga Begins with a New Prologue Quests!


With the completion of the previous arc in July 2023 and ongoing tweaks toward the endgame segments of the game, Lost Ark is finally starting its new arc with the introduction of a brand-new character who is meaning to conquer the world of Arkesia.

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With the introductions now out of the way, we will dive deeper into the details of the new storyline Lost Ark offers.

Brand New Arc, Brand New Progression

The latest Lost Ark Thaemine Saga has unfolded with the release of the Prologue, titled “Dark Days,” on April 3, 2024. In this branApril 3ryline, players will help Thirian investigate new, mysterious events unfolding in Lutheran.

Then, on April 17, the Darkness LegiApril 17er, whose name you already know via the questline title, will finally arrive on Arkesia with the release of the Lost Ark Thaemine Legion Raid Normal and Hard difficulties, which will be released on the monthly update on the date mentioned in the beginning of the paragraph.

Victory over the Darkness Legion Commander’s Fortress will allow the players to attain new power through the Transcendence Progression System. During the weekend of the monthly April update, the original Lost Ark Thaemine, the First difficulty for the Thaemine Legion Raid, will be open for a particular race to clear on April 20.

The original ThaemiApril 20th difficulty is known to be quite tricky, and you will need to upgrade every weapon and skill before setting out for these quests. Be sure to purchase more game currencies for Lost Ark from our shop here at U7BUY, where the most affordable and budget-friendly rates are offered to players worldwide.

Details about the Prologue

Thirain, the King of Luterra, swore on his legendary sword, Vanquisher, that he would always protect the people of Luterra and Arkesia, as he and his knights have since the emergence of Chaos Gates. However, suspicious events are occurring in Luterra.

Experience a new line of story quests leading into the Lost Ark Thaemine Legion Raid. The prologue quests will require Item Level 1520.

Details on Lost Ark Thaemine The First

As explained above, this is a unique race to clear the original—and most challenging—difficulty of the Thaemine Lost Ark Legion Raid. Clearing this Raid will be difficult, even for the most experienced adventurers. But as they say, with great difficulties come great rewards. This will begin on April 20, 2024, at 10 AM PTApril 20es who have cleared the Hard Mode of the Thaemine Legion Raid.

If you have not cleared the Hard Mode of the Raid, then you will not be able to access the Raid.

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