Popular Styles of Wall Tile for Your Bathroom

red bathroom tile

If you think about it – the walls in your bathroom drive the overall look and feel of the space. That is why it is important to remember this when choosing from a broad selection of tiles. After all, the correct choice can make or break your design! This post will guide you through some of your bathroom’s popular wall tile options. Going with a beloved option – like red bathroom tile or comparable – ensures a no-fail design when crafting an interior that wows.

Glass tiles 

Few tile options are as lustrous, light-loving, and varied as glass. This tile style has long been loved for bathrooms since it works seamlessly with high moisture areas, from shower walls to behind-the-tub accents. The proof is in the finish (I thought we’d say pudding?). They are easy to maintain, a perk for busy parents, and stain-resistant. That all translates to longevity and savings over time. 

Ceramic tiles 

Ceramic tiles are usually the first tile type that comes to mind when considering the bathroom. Why? They are staples in the home and have dominated most backsplashes and wall designs for years. These classics are such for a reason – you can find them in beautiful colors and a medley of finishes, including glazed or matte tiles and patterns. Moreover, ceramic tiles are hypoallergenic, cost-effective, and easier to cut for DIY projects. 

Natural Stone tiles 

Natural stone bathroom tiles are sophisticated and luxurious. While they are sure to make a statement that resonates with any upscale or timeless interior, these tiles will require a bit more upkeep. Natural stones – be it marble tiles or limestone tiles – are porous, so you have to seal them consistently to avoid water damage. It’s not necessarily negative, but if you’re trying to conserve cleaning time or money, you may want to consider faux stone tiles instead. All the beauty of the real thing minus the maintenance! 

Porcelain tiles:  

Much like ceramic tiles, Porcelain tiles are known to be versatile and classic. Unlike their clay predecessors, porcelain is a bit more sturdy than ceramic. The reason stems from the creation process. Porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature, resulting in a stain-resistant, non-porous, and moisture-resistant tile. This works well for bathroom walls, with splashes and spills nearly every hour. Porcelain is known as the chameleon of the tile design world because you can find it imitating all sorts of materials, from marble and stone to wood. All without the headache of consistent cleaning.

Terracotta tiles 

These orange and red bathroom tiles are popular in Mediterranean homes that want to embrace the rustic beauty of Italy or Spain. With a natural aesthetic and matte tile finish, they come in hexagons, subway, or mosaic tile formats—an excellent option for feature wall tiles in your bathroom.

Cement tiles 

If you’ve ever seen beautiful, patterned tiles in countries abroad, you’ll be happy to know they are called cement tiles and are available for your bathroom. These tiles are known for their handmade look, incredible pattern work, and durability. The only thing to remember is that they fade over time, which is a preference for many homeowners, but avoiding that would require consistent sealing. 

Shop around and find the popular wall tile for your bathroom!

The outcome will inevitably be beautiful regardless of which popular tile design you incorporate. If unsure which tile best suits your space, always order a bathroom tile sample first. This will help you pinpoint the exact match in no time!

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