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Saro Gullo was the husband of Tembi Locke. Tembi Locke discusses her journey of life after the death of her husband due to a diagnosis of cancer in 2012 in her memoir “From Scratch: A Memoir of Love, Sicily, and Finding Home. ” Saro Gullo was a chef in Italy’s Sicily, and Locke was from Houston, Texas, and she was a Black actor too. They met in Florence by chance and shared a common language through cultural and food exchange. He gained fame through Locke’s memoir “From Scratch” and the Netflix series.

Who Was Saro Gullo?

Saro Gullo and her wife Tambi Locke, a Sicilian Chef, worked and lived in Los Angeles, California. Due to cancer, he died in 2012. At the time of his death, his daughter Zoela was just seven years of age. They adopted her; she likes to eat vegetables and is an urban homesteader, and her activity is growing vegetables regularly on vacant lots in the city.

About the memoir “From Scratch”

Tembi Locke turned her beautiful love story into a memoir, “From Scratch.” The memoir was adapted into a Netflix show after being chosen for a Reese’s Book Club pick. Locke’s role was prominent in the show’s creation. She has shared and has given the personal nature of the story. Tembi Locke’s sister, Attica Locke, was also a novelist. She co-wrote the series alongside her sister. While the show was filmed in California, Sicily Locke and her sister also felt the presence of Tembi’s late husband.

There is a story of Gullo and Locke’s early romance in Florence, their challenges, cross-cultural relationships, parenthood, and Saro’s cancer diagnosis in the memoir “From Scratch. ” The reason for Gullo’s death was cancer in 2012, with his daughter and wife surviving him. Locke’s sisters said that Gullo’s presence came from strange synchronicities.

Effects on the lives of Locke’s Sisters:

In the Netflix series from the memoir of Tembi, “From Scratch,” Locke’s sisters tell the story of love and loss after Tembi’s husband’s death. The series takes the viewers on a love journey that honors family, a grief story of Tembi Locke, and a deeply personal story of Tembi Locke. 

Tembi’s view about how she felt when the story was out on screen was that there was vulnerability and excitement. There was gratitude, humility, and joy. HER sister was also responsible for her work. 

Saro Gullo Career

Saro Gullo

She was a Sicilian chef, Saro Gullo, who faced a lot of struggles in her career. Some people will also be remembered after their death; Saro Gullo is the one we place in our lifetime.

Saro Gullo Networth

Saro Gullo was a Sicilian chef. Saro Gullo’s net worth was estimated at $500k N/A. She died in 2012.

One diagnosis changed everything.

In the end, the families of Sarah Glo and Tessie Leigh finally relent and unite and find common ground, but tragedy soon strikes them after the lovebirds move to Los Angeles and Glo is diagnosed with cancer. It is then discovered that Loki and his daughter, who was with Glu, have left him to live their lives without him. Coincidentally, the memory provided by Scratch describes the years in which Locke’s daughter was together. Went to Sicily to recuperate

“All he knew was that he had written to me,” as he said of his memoir via Pharmacies. A different kind of grief can be experienced. This memoir also serves as a blueprint for her daughter.

Locke had said she was motivated this way during the filming process, but she felt an urgent responsibility to bring it to the screen anyway. Time why his story is told this way through challenges, but his character was enough to help him show he told Women’s Health so he would cry and how often he would walk away, but so did he. It felt like she was doing this in a community; everyone was as invested in it as I was, and he wasn’t alone.

Saro Gullo Obituary

Saro Gullo’s obituary and the death were widely searched online by people who heard about the death information. In current times, Saro Gullo’s death has affected many individuals’ persons. Many of the time, the internet displays wrong news to people by death news about a healthy person as if they are dead. However, the information presented regarding Saro Gullo is accurate, and we found a few threads on Twitter honoring much information about Saro Gullo’s obituary.

Gullo and Tembi’s first meeting:

They met in Florence, Italy. Locke was part of a foreign exchange program, and Saro worked as a chef.

They met in Florence, Italy. Locke was part of a foreign exchange program, and Saro worked as a chef. Marriage The wedding date of both `is not present in public records.

Time spends together

The memoir and after this series. The journey of Tembi with her husband of 17 years, Saro Gullo, on the other side Locke’s sister, well-known novelist Attica Locke, who contributes her services as co-write the Netflix script with her 25-Oct-2022.Saro Gullo and Tembi Louck faced many difficulties.

Tammy Logue and her sister Ettie Locke, who co-created From Scratch, recently revealed to Forbes their met cuteness, which is why the series featured Leno’s events, as it turns out. It involves a real-life person named Saro Gullo.

Locke told Forbes that he was only 20 years old when he first saw Saro Gullo and that his initial meeting was just superficial attraction, but he saw a level of honesty and openness in him. Recognized for which she was not ready at the time, she added that although she pursued me, word spread, and it became clear that she was a quality person I had never seen before. It introduced me to the kind of love and taught me the possibility of the type of love that can happen.

After this situation, Locke and Saro Gullo faced many difficulties, not the least of which was Gallo’s traditional family, who favored marrying a black farm woman from Texas, but Gallo’s family nonetheless. The least of their worries will be anxiety.


The story of Tembi and Saro is a great and lively example of enduring love, and many audiences also liked it.

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