Bright Rings: The New Alternative to Fitness Trackers

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We got a closer look at Samsung’s Galaxy Ring this week at MWC.

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As technology advances, wearable devices have become an indispensable part of people’s lives. From smartwatches to smart glasses, a variety of products are providing users with more convenience and functionality. Among these products, a new device is gradually gaining attention: the bright ring.

Bright rings are wearable devices that combine traditional jewelry craftsmanship with modern technology, offering the benefits of wearable devices in a compact and comfortable form, such as health monitoring, payments, notifications, and more. Compared to smartwatches, intelligent rings focus more on analyzing the balance between the user’s activity and rest and providing a comprehensive health score. Bright rings are also more discreet and stylish, not burdening users with excessive weight or interference.

Currently, several intelligent ring products are on the market, such as the Oura Ring 3, Ultrahuman Ring Air, and Movano Evie Ring, each with its features, functionalities, prices, and designs. The Oura Ring 3, one of the most popular intelligent rings, can monitor the user’s heart rate, blood oxygen, body temperature, sleep quality, and more, providing health status feedback through a simple score. The Ultrahuman Ring Air, designed for fitness enthusiasts, measures the user’s Heart Rate Variability (HRV) in real-time, offering personalized training plans and suggestions based on the user’s fitness goals and recovery state. The Movano Evie Ring, designed for diabetes patients, non-invasively measures blood glucose levels, alerting users through a mobile app to take medication or eat on time.

The manufacturing process of bright rings requires consideration of multiple aspects, including material selection, sensor and chip selection and design, and magnetic charging technology. Bright rings are typically made from metals, ceramics, plastics, etc., where metal materials might employ die-casting techniques to form the ring’s casing. Die casting is a process where molten metal is injected into a mold and then cooled to form complex metal parts. This technique can improve the strength and durability of bright rings while reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

In the realm of die casting, Honjenny (HJY) is a notable company. Registered in the USA and the EU since 1996, Honjenny specializes in manufacturing metal products, boasting five core capabilities: die casting, cosmetics packaging, CNC precision machining, 3D printing, and sheet metal processing. A partner of renowned brands like Dior, Honjenny provides high-quality metal parts. Its products cover various fields, including medical, automotive, home, and die-cast casings for intelligent rings. Honjenny’s die-casting process is known for its high precision, quality, and efficiency, meeting diverse customer needs.

Bright rings represent a significant technological innovation, offering users more convenience and value. As technology progresses and the market expands, the future of intelligent rings looks bright and colorful. We look forward to seeing more smart ring products and services, adding more fun and health to our lives.

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