Spartan Capital Securities Complaints| The In-depth Analysis

spartan capital securities complaints

Today, the topic of concern is spartan capital complaints. This company has got lots of complaints and negative remarks. That is why it came into the limelight. 

Spartan Capital Securities is a new governing organization. Spartan Capital offers excellent financial planning and advice services for middle-market and emerging-growth companies. Drugs, retail, consumer products, healthcare, residential real estate, and economic benefits are just a few industries in which we have expertise.

Spartan Capital is aware of the challenges that startups have while expanding. Complex business problems require specific support, and they develop proper solutions after thoroughly understanding the particular goals of each organization. From the first interaction throughout their whole business cycle, they provide value to their clients by combining their broad investment banking expertise, strategic connections, and dedication to exceptional customer care. 

But what are the real complaints with this worth working company? How the issues are created? and what is the reason behind this defame? are necessary to address. So read this article to know more about spartan capital complaints.

The Overlook Of Company

Although this is an article about Spartan Capital a company that advises investors regarding where to go and how to invest, some investors file complaints against Spartan Capital securities that they provide investment mismatch techniques moreover they complain that the tips and techniques used by Spartans cause them heavy losses in form of money and goodwill. There are a lot of allegations and numerous case files against Spartan till now. 

Thus a huge debate starts and becomes the talk of town. Newspapers, TV channels, and the common man show their great concern with this matter. Thus law agencies come into action and start investigating this case. Thus after thorough investigation, many of the allegation was also proven correct, and the company’s name was a highlight of time.

Loses Of Investors

spartan capital complaints

The Financial Regulatory Authority (FINRA) has complained against spartan capital for advising unsuitable investment techniques inordinately trading in customers’ accounts.

The complaint is quite long, the pages are 37. The protests were filed against Mark Augustus Reda, the company’s founder. Mark Reda of Spartan Capital Securities, who has experienced significant investment losses, calms down investors and examines the legal possibilities.

In the meantime, no less than 21 client accounts were subject to excessive trading and churning, according to FINRA. These clients have paid close to $265K for commissions and other expenses. Furthermore, according to the SRO, the trader at Spartan Capital Securities performed illicit trades on behalf of clients, collected exorbitant commissions totaling more than $200,000, and engaged in additional infractions. 

Pst Was Repeated

Networks Aegis in a prior complaint from 2015, the capital was charged with breaching his duty of trust about purchases of employed funds sold on exchanges and exchange-traded notes, as well as with carelessly offering unsuitable advice, carrying out unlawful transactions, and misrepresenting essential data. The complaint was settled for $35,000 in the same year.

Aegis Capital representative Mr. Barakat was accused in a third investor complaint from 2017 of making excessive trades and inappropriate investment suggestions. A $150,000 settlement was reached in 2018 regarding the complaint.

In 2017 fourth investor complaint claimed that Mr. Barakat about churning and unsuitable recommendations. 

The financial regulatory authority states that Sean Barakat, better known by his stage name, Shadi Barakat, has sixteen years of experience in the securities business. It is headquartered in New York City and began serving as a broker with Spartans Capital Securities in 2017. Aegis Capital, Gunnallen Financial, Joseph Gunnar & Company, Mercer Capital, and VFinance Investments are among the companies he has previously registered with Shadi Barakat. Thus this is a very powerful complaint that cannot be overlooked. Thus after these continuous complaints, the graph of trust of investors in spartan capital declines day by day.

Fed Up Investors 

The legal team at Robert Allen Pearce has been instrumental in giving impacted stockholders legal assistance for those who feel that Spartan Capital Investments has cheated them through their monetary advisors; their advocacy has proven helpful. Experienced legal representation can be vital when facing severe charges of fraud, negligence, or breaching ethical obligations.

Check Things Timely

As investors of spartan capital want to stop doing these kinds of behaviors, they think about it. They hire consultants to promptly verify everything so that they can take the necessary action to make up for any loss. All these conditions make some messes and legal cases against Spartan is running for a long period of time. 

Go For Guidance And Consultation

This session is intended for you if you are in a similar situation and a victim of spartan miscommitment.  See the local attorney and request an assessment. Discussed the pros and cons and found a possible way to escape the situation. So go for consultation as well.

One option is to attend the law offices of Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A., which offers free consultations. You can start a conversation just by calling them. It’s an opportunity to comprehend one’s circumstances, investigate other options, and clear the path to obtaining the compensation that is justly due. It’s not just about talking it is about possible accusations.

Keep Updating 

The market for financial products and solutions is large and complex. No one can deny the prevalence of gray areas and questionable behavior, even though most players behave responsibly. As investors, our most significant defense against such hazards is to remain knowledgeable, watchful, and, when needed, seek professional advice. The accusations from Spartan Capital Securities Complaints serve as a reminder for many new investors. Let’s make sure we apply the knowledge.


Lastly, investors should refrain from believing in this type of company but instead, go for new innovative ideas or take ideas from experts to progress in their field. If you think this type of assistance, check about your investment from time to time and not entirely rely on them; use your mental power as well. Because you are the boss of your business, if you face this type of issue, go for legal consultation and discuss possible scenarios with them.

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