How to Prepare Your Immune System For Spring?

Immune System

Spring weather can be pretty unpredictable due to switching temperatures between day and night. You feel warm and sunny one day, but chilly and windy on another day. This constant switching of temperatures keeps our body juggling with thermoregulation and makes us susceptible to falling sick more. Learn to prepare yourself and your immune system to stay healthy and prevent falling ill or catching a cold. To keep track of weather you can add the weather API to your list to get weather data while you’re using them. Here are a few ways to fight away illness in springtime:   

1. Get better and more sleep

Getting enough sleep is important to boost your immune system to fight against illnesses. Your immune system and your amount of sleep are very closely linked. Bad sleep or less sleep can cause more probability of falling sick. Aim to get at least 7 hours of sleep daily with good-quality sleep. To avoid going to bed late and disturbing sleep quality, reduce screen time before going to bed at least one hour prior.  Also, it would help if you slept in a completely dark room or as dark as possible. If you are afraid to fall asleep in full dark, try using a sleep mask when going to bed. 

2. Practise Breathing.

Relieving stress and anxiety is the key to a better immune health system. We experience high levels of stress daily and this long-term stress can cause many other illnesses. Often it can cause obesity, hair loss and cardiac arrests. Your entire immune system gets imbalanced due to this. To relieve your stress and feel more relaxed, try exercising, learning meditation, yoga, or soaking in a warm saltwater bath. If not try taking warm showers to relieve stress. Spring can bring illness but you need to learn to battle it. 

3. Take Cold Showers at night.

A cold shower of 2 to 3 minutes can increase your immunity. Cold showers are already linked to better sleep as they lower the body temperature leading to better sleep. Also, better thermoregulation and less heat become an unfavourable ground for illness-causing organisms to thrive inside the body. Cold showers are also beneficial for the cardiovascular, musculoskeletal systems, and even respiratory systems. Plus taking cold showers daily can increase the number of white blood cells compared to hot showers.  

4. Eat Plant-based foods

Yes, eating meat and animal-based diet is the norm for most people across the globe but these tend to increase body heat. To keep your internal heat balanced, you should consume cooling food which is mostly plant-based like fruits, vegetables and legumes. Nuts and seeds have warming properties but are packed with nutrients, so you should try eating them in small quantities.  Indirectly, you eat a well-balanced diet with proteins carbs and other nutrients and build stronger immunity. The fibre in plant-based foods also is good for a healthy gut. And we all know that a healthy gut means a healthy body. 

5. Take in Fermented foods or add probiotics to your diet

Fermented foods generally contain good bacteria called probiotics. These good bacteria stay in your gut and help in keeping bad bacteria away thus increasing your immunity.  The most common foods with probiotics are yoghurt kimchi, kefir sauerkraut, miso and more. A good network of healthy bacteria in your gut helps your immune cells better learn to differentiate between normal healthy cells and harmful organisms or broken bad cells. You can also take probiotic supplements if you’re allergic to these foods or don’t like eating them. 

6. Keep yourself hydrated

Our body thermoregulates by producing sweat to keep ourselves cool if our internal body increases a lot. This is why we often wake up with a dry mouth and need water immediately once we wake up. Hydration doesn’t necessarily protect us from viruses or bacteria, but remaining hydrated is important to our overall health. Dehydration causes multiple issues like headaches mood swings, digestion issues, and even reduces physical performance. 


In short, ensure that you go to bed at the same time every night and get good sleep. Eat healthy, take cold showers and stay hydrated to keep your immunity strong in springtime to prevent falling sick. Exercise regularly to keep yourself healthy. 

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