The Ultimate Guide to the Best Door Locks to Prevent Break-ins

best door locks to prevent break-ins

Ensuring the safety of your home, vehicle, or business premises is paramount. In today’s world, the security of your property can significantly impact your peace of mind. Investing in high-quality door locks is one of the most effective ways to enhance this security. As experts in the field, NonStop Locksmith provides top-notch auto, home, and commercial locksmith services. This guide dives deep into the best door locks to prevent break-ins, offering valuable insights and practical solutions for your security needs.

Understanding Door Lock Types

Before delving into specific products, it’s crucial to understand the various types of door locks available on the market. Each type offers different levels of security, and knowing which suits your needs can make all the difference.


Deadbolts are among the most common and reliable locks for residential doors. They operate by sliding a bolt into the doorframe, significantly enhancing the door’s resistance to forceful entry.

Smart Locks

Smart locks offer convenience and advanced security features. They allow keyless entry and remote access and can often be integrated with home security systems.

Keyless Entry Systems

Keyless entry systems, often used in commercial settings, eliminate the need for physical keys. These systems can include card readers, keypad entry, or biometric access.


Padlocks are portable locks with a shackle that may be passed through an opening to prevent use, theft, or harm. They vary significantly in size and strength, making them versatile for different applications.

Top Picks for Preventing Break-ins

When choosing the best door locks to prevent break-ins, it’s essential to consider the lock’s strength, durability, and resistance to tampering. Here are some top picks that meet these criteria:

Lock TypeModelKey Features
DeadboltSchlage B60NHigh security, pick and bump key resistant
Smart LockAugust Wi-Fi Smart LockRemote access, DoorSense technology
Keyless Entry SystemYale Assure Lock SLTouchscreen keypad, backlit numbers
PadlockABUS Granit Plus 37/55Extreme protection against manipulation

Schlage B60N Deadbolt

The Schlage B60N stands out for its durability and resistance to standard break-in methods. Its design includes a reinforced strike plate and a high-security lock cylinder.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock offers convenience without compromising on security. Its features include keyless entry, remote access, and tracking who comes and goes.

Yale Assure Lock SL

The Yale Assure Lock SL is a leading choice for keyless entry systems. Its sleek design and high-tech features, such as voice guidance and auto-locking, offer security and convenience.

ABUS Granit Plus 37/55 Padlock

The ABUS Granit Plus 37/55 padlock is unmatched for securing outdoor spaces or external gates. Its robust design and resistance to picking make it an excellent choice.

Installation and Maintenance Tips

Even the best locks require proper installation and maintenance to function effectively. Here are some tips to ensure your locks provide the maximum level of security:

  • Always have your locks installed by a professional locksmith.
  • Regularly check your locks for signs of wear and tear.
  • Lubricate your locks periodically to ensure smooth operation.
  • Upgrade your locks every few years to benefit from the latest security technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best lock for my home?

Consider your security needs, door type, and preference for traditional or smart lock technologies. Consulting with a professional locksmith, like NonStop Locksmith, can provide personalized recommendations.

Can smart locks be hacked?

While smart locks offer advanced features, they are not immune to hacking. Choosing reputable brands and securing your home network can mitigate these risks.

Is it worth upgrading to high-security locks?

Absolutely. High-security locks resist picking, drilling, and other forced entry, significantly enhancing your property’s security.


Securing your property is essential in today’s uncertain world. Choosing the right door locks can significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and allow you to enjoy greater peace of mind. Whether you’re looking for advanced smart locks, sturdy deadbolts, or high-security padlocks, there’s a solution that meets your needs. Remember, proper installation and maintenance are crucial to ensuring your locks provide the best protection possible.

NonStop Locksmith is here to assist you with all your security needs. Offering expert auto locksmith, home locksmith, and commercial locksmith services, we’re committed to enhancing the safety of your property. For more information on the best door locks to prevent break-ins, visit our website: best door locks to prevent break-ins.

Contact us today to ensure your property is secure and to take the first step towards a safer tomorrow. Our team of experienced locksmiths is ready to provide you with the best solutions tailored to your specific needs. Please don’t wait until it’s too late. Enhance your security with NonStop Locksmith, and rest assured that your property is protected by the best in the business.

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