Mesmerizing 1ct blue diamond ring for your engagement

1ct Blue diamond ring

Blue is the color of the sky, arctic ice, and the sea. Blue is mainly associated with faithfulness and harmony. Blue diamonds are also in high demand because of their beauty, charm, and uniqueness. 1ct Blue diamond ring can be a good choice for your engagement as it will show your love and purity for your spouse.

Blue diamonds are the rarest diamonds loved by people who want to buy unique and beautiful diamonds. The blue color of the diamond is formed by the presence of boron in the natural diamonds. However, the radiation of hydrogen can also cause the blue-colored diamond. 

History of Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds were initially found in India and brought to the West in the 17th century. Jean-Baptiste sold the diamond to King Louis of France. The diamond was cut into French blue style and was named Tavernier Blue. 1972, the Cro, when jewelers were looted, and the diamond was stolen. It is assumed the diamond was cut in some other style and sold somewhere to avoid detection.

Why are Blue diamonds becoming popular?

Traditional white diamonds are always bought for engagement rings. However, blue diamonds are becoming increasingly popular because of their unique color and sparkling beauty. Blue diamonds’ special symbolism and history make them an excellent choice for engagement rings. Many factors make blue diamonds distinguishing:

  • Unique color

Blue diamonds will look very unique and sparkling in the world of white diamonds. A blue diamond makes your ring unique and special for your big day, making it memorable. 

  • Symbolism

The blue color is associated with stability, loyalty, and deep feelings. These characteristics make it a suitable choice for an engagement ring to show your commitment and immense love. 

  • Durability

Blue diamonds are a durable choice for engagement rings, rated ten on the Mohs scale. Your diamond will remain sparkling, making it a perfect choice.

So, a 1ct blue diamond ring can be an excellent option for your engagement ring to make your loved one feel special. It will symbolize the commitment and love between two people. The beauty of a blue diamond, with its rarity, makes it a distinguishing and perfect choice.

How to choose a blue diamond?

If you want to choose a blue diamond for your engagement ring, it can be hard to pick a perfect blue as there are secondary colors available in blue diamonds. There are three main aspects you need to consider while buying a blue diamond ring:

  • Hue:

It means the visible color tint of the diamond. If the secondary color of a diamond dominates the blue color, it affects the overall value of the blue diamond. However, diamonds can be beautiful and appealing in their way.

  • Tone:

The tone shows the lighter or darker shade of a diamond. The blue color will be barely noticeable if the tone is too soft. Simultaneously, if the blue tone is too dark, the diamond will look blackish instead of blue. The perfect blue diamonds are those with a mid-tone of blue. However, it can be a personal choice to choose darker or lighter ones.

  • Saturation:

Saturation means the string color of the blue diamond. The vivid and deeper blue color makes the diamond more valuable and unique.

The color grade scale assigns a specific color to a diamond, ranging between light, very light, faint, fancy intense, fancy, fancy light, dark, vivid, and deep. When you shop for a diamond, you will see these terms, making your decision more accessible.

The cost of blue diamonds

The cost of blue diamonds is mostly higher than that of white ones. However, many choices are available to suit your budget and preference. Flawless fine jewelers provide a fantastic range of blue diamonds reflecting your love and affection for your loved one. They offer unique and mesmerizing blue diamonds, making them an ideal choice. 1ct blue diamond ring can be affordable and sparkling to present on your big day. The smaller size makes it easier to wear daily because an engagement ring is supposed to be worn every time.

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