The Case of the Velvet Claws by Perry Mason summary

Perry Mason

As the first Perry Mason mystery published in 1933, The Case of the Velvet Claws transports readers to the dazzling era of 1930s Los Angeles. Erle Stanley Gardner immerses us in the world of power players embroiled in scandal and suspicion that only ace attorney Perry Mason can unravel.

Amidst Hollywood high society filled with illicit affairs and speakeasies, Mason attends a party that ends with him being hired to handle blackmail threats by publisher Clyde Griffith. But when Griffith dies, Mason must piece together an ever-expanding web of deception. Fans wishing to follow the renowned lawyer’s exploits in order can track over 80 more Perry Mason books published through 1973.

Navigating a Labyrinth of Lies

As Mason discovers each individual associated with Griffith seems to harbor secrets, motives multiply. He navigates elite social circles, following leads from a starlet’s dressing room to a news office to uncover hidden connections. Gardner’s rich descriptions of 1930s Los Angeles shine against Mason’s relentless quest to fit together stray puzzle pieces.

Driven to Solve the Baffling Mystery

The complex whodunit presents a puzzle of innumerable small parts obstructing Mason’s view of the whole picture. But his tireless dedication to analyzing each subtle clue and thread links between critical players makes him an immovable force. No personal risk will deter Mason from finding the truth.

The Thrilling Courtroom Showdown

In classic Perry Mason fashion, Gardner builds suspense steadily until it crescendos in a gripping courtroom scene. As Mason sets his elaborate legal trap, the ultimate reveal of Griffith’s killer delivers a satisfying surprise that honors the attorney’s ingenious patience and persistence. Justice is soundly served.

The Marks of a Master Storyteller

Over 18 novels, Gardner refines his legal crime fiction formula until it flows with fluid precision. The Case of the Velvet Claws establishes trademarks of the iconic Perry Mason series—the tenacious but ethical lawyer hero, stupefying plot twists, incisive social commentary, and a climactic courtroom drama providing resolution. Effortlessly transporting readers to a bygone era, Gardner proved from his first Mason tale that he possessed the skills to transfix mystery devotees utterly.

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